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Art of Massage

Body Freedom

by ★ Owner | 559 comments
by ★ Owner | 1499 comments

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Posted on July 12, 2011 at 12:36 PM Comments comments (559)
I love you to hear music you've never heard before,  soothing you into a place that feels ultimately comfortable, althought unknown.  I want  you to feel like you're in a new place where there is no limit to the healing that happens.  I want the music to not remind you of anything in your past.

Music is part of the massage.  I move to the rhythm and nuance.  The music pulls and holds: I pull and hold.  A song ends and guess what... we just finished your shoulders and moving into a new rhythm and now down the back.  Music heals the soul and rejuvenates you.  Music is beautiful icing on the massage cake and I take great care to be sure the music you hear in your massage is a good fit for your needs.  ~Dezana Aman